Gabbard: Dems Are The Party Of “Anti-White Racism”

Mediaite has the transcript:

They’re using identity politics to tear us apart. They are fomenting anti-White racism and fanning the flames of divisiveness all for their own political gain. And what’s so disturbing about this is they are proud of it. This is not something happening behind the curtains.

President Biden’s press secretary, I think you probably saw the other day, she was there at the podium in the White House listing off proudly all of these statistics and quoting the quote unquote ‘diversity’ of the Biden administration. Talking about gender and race and sexuality, but not talking about capabilities and accomplishments.

They’re directly betraying Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. As they racialize every issue, doing the exact opposite of what Dr. King preached. Judging us purely based on the color of our skin rather than on the content of our character. They’ve become the racists that they claim to hate.