Fox Host: I Never Helped The Kraken Spread Her Lies

Media Matters has the transcript:

There was a piece in the Washington compost this morning by Aaron Blake. Aaron Blake in my view is a fraud and a phony. I guess that’s why he works for the Washington compost.

And in this piece entitled “Rupert Murdoch’s big admission about Fox News” — now, I’m not gonna go into all this.

Aaron Blake, earlier today, he wrote this: “Sidney Powell spouted the claim repeatedly — on Bartiromo’s, Dobbs’s, and Mark Levin’s shows.”

What claim? What claim? About the credibility of the voting machines, her non-credibility.

And I read that earlier today, and I said, I never discussed that with Sidney Powell on Fox. The last time I had her on, and we looked, was in 2019, well before the election.

So apparently, he puts in a update at the bottom of the article mentioning, oh, that I had interviewed Sidney Power on radio. Well, that’s true.

But Sidney Powell promoted whatever she promoted, and the fact is when she took a left turn on this stuff, I cut her off. Remember that, mister producer? So even when referencing the radio, he doesn’t get it right.