Fox Host Complains “Radicals” Are Trying To ID Rioters

Media Matters has the transcript:

I had a person come up to me. I’m not gonna say where, but a person did come up to me, unexpectedly. Well, I’ll say it, at CPAC outside of the hotel. And he said to me, I’m one of the defendants from January 6th. And he said, please look into this situation. I’m being railroaded. I’m being told if I don’t plead guilty to some offense that I could go to prison for 20 years. Please bring this up to your audience. And I am right now. And that’s why I’m reading this article.

Many of these people are just like you. They’re not Klansmen. They’re not neo-Nazis. Many of them are like you. Many of them were not violent. As I say, many of them were ushered in by the police, the Capitol police. Many of them never went in. They’ve been on the steps. They’re being tracked down. People are watching the video.

You have a group of radical left citizens out there trying to figure out who’s who, and then they work with the FBI to help identify them. And that’s what’s happening. Were there really a thousand violent people inside the Capitol Building that day? A thousand of them?

Citizen sleuths such as Sedition Hunters have indeed helped the FBI identify and arrest rioters. They deserve medals.