Former Staffer At Anti-Abortion “Patriot” Company Says She Was Fired After Refusing To Abort Her Boss’s Baby

The Fort Worth Weekly reports:

Kara Cunningham says that, “ironically,” she “just didn’t want to get him fired.” The 34-year-old mother of two is talking about Everett Trost. The man she claims impregnated her last winter served as her direct supervisor at Patriot Mobile, the multi-million-dollar Grapevine cell phone company and PAC aligned with far-right causes.

Patriot Mobile asserted its power in the last elections, leveraging more than $2 million in donations to propel dozens of hyper-conservative candidates into office across North Texas.

Trost is still listed as the company’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The pro-life and “family-first” company supported Trost when he allegedly asked Cunningham to terminate her pregnancy. She refused, and the next day, she was fired.

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