FL Lt Gov Flees “Don’t Say Gay” Questions, Ejects Media

The right wing Florida’s Voice reports:

WPLG 10 reporter Trent Kelly was ignored by some officials of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration after he approached them following a press conference using a false term for the Parental Rights in Education Act.

The video depicted Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez and Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr., leaving a room and being followed by Kelly. Kelly was then interrupted and stopped from walking further to follow Nunez.

“Lieutenant Governor, do you support the bill to expand the Don’t Say Gay Law? What do you say to critics who say that will continue to hurt LGBTQ children?” Kelly asked Nunez. DeSantis’ deputy press secretary, Jeremy Redfern, responded, saying, “There is no bill filed under that name in Florida, tho.”

Below is Nunez’s now-deleted 2016 tweet. Watch both clips.