Florida Bill Would Change School Board Residency Rules

Florida Politics reports:

A bill that would loosen residency requirements for School Board candidates — bringing them more in line with most other local elected offices — has been readied for full House passage.

The legislation (HB 411) from Republican Rep. Kevin Steele of Dade City is among a number of Republican bills aiming to reshape how School Board seats are filled across the state. Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken an unprecedented interest in School Boards as the first Governor to identify a slate of candidates he wished to see voted into office.

Under the bill, School Board candidates would not have to reside in the district they are seeking to represent until the time of election. Currently, School Board candidates have to be in residence at the time of qualifying.

Read the full article. Perhaps obviously, the bill is meant to allow Moms For Liberty fascists from anywhere in the state to run for school boards where they’d have a shot at winning. Last year Steele, a freshman rep, reported a net worth of over $440 million.