FDA Moves To Limit Imports Of “Zombie Drug” [Video]

Via press release:

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it has taken action to restrict the unlawful entry of xylazine active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage form drug products into the country to address a growing public health concern.

The chemical xylazine has increasingly been found in illicit drugs such as illicitly manufactured fentanyl and other drugs and increasingly detected in overdose deaths.

This action aims to prevent the drug from entering the U.S. market for illicit purposes, while maintaining availability for its legitimate uses in animals.

Veterinarians legitimately use drug products containing xylazine to sedate large animals such as horses and deer, but it is not safe for use in people and may cause serious and life-threatening side effects.

It has been identified as a contaminant found in combination with opioids such as illicit fentanyl and in combination with other illicit products that contain stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine. People who use illicit drugs may not be aware of the presence of xylazine.

Axios reports:

Xylazine, known as “tranq” or “zombie drug,” is causing blackouts, dangerously low blood pressure levels and heart rates, and severe skin-rotting wounds in users that can lead to amputation if untreated. Since it’s not an opioid, the sedative resists common overdose reversal treatments such as naloxone.

Xylazine, which has been found in at least 36 states plus Washington, D.C., is yet another hurdle in the public health response to the overdose epidemic.

It can be difficult to track, and advocates have said the open wounds can delay people from receiving addiction treatment because facilities don’t admit anyone with untreated lesions.