Far-Right Ex-Sheriff David Clarke Floats Run For Senate

The Daily Beast reports:

Over his controversial years in politics, David Clarke has worn several hats: Milwaukee sheriff, right-wing firebrand, prominent Donald Trump surrogate, cowboy. (Literally.) But there’s another hat Clarke might want to add to the collection: U.S. Senator. As Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) gears up for her 2024 re-election campaign, Clarke has courted speculation in the Badger State that he is considering a challenge.

If he decided to run, Clarke would instantly change the dynamic of what is expected to be one of the most competitive Senate contests of the 2024 season. His staunch support of Trump, his image as a “balls-to-the-wall” cop, and his long record of frequently outrageous statements have given him nationwide MAGA movement popularity that could be an asset in a GOP primary—and an anchor against Baldwin.

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Clarke, who is cozy with the Proud Boys and was once banned by Twitter for encouraging violence against reporters, was sued multiple times for the mistreatment of prisoners. He last appeared on JMG in September 2021 when he told a QAnon convention, “If we decide to pull an insurrection, you’re gonna know it. There’s very little you’re going to be able to do about it.”