DOJ Can Seize Funds Donated To Charlottesville Nazi

CBS News reports:

The Justice Department can seize money that has recently flowed into the prison inmate account of white supremacist James Alex Fields Jr., the Ohio man who in 2017 rammed his car into a group of anti-racism protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one. According to prosecutors, he has amassed “significant funds” in his prison inmate account at the federal prison facility in Springfield, Missouri.

Federal judge Michael Urbanski rejected Fields’s argument that some of the money be preserved in his prison account to help pay for phone calls, stamps and other “sundry items.” Though the DOJ sealed the names of the suspected donors to Fields, testimony in a federal civil lawsuit against Fields indicated a known white supremacist had contributed money and raised the prospect that others in the white nationalist movement had sent correspondence to Fields.

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Fields, who kept a photo of Hitler on his bedside table, took part in a “fuck you, faggots” group chant with fellow Nazis minutes before his ramming his car into a crowd of protesters. Prominent right wingers, including Alex Jones and homocon blogger Jim Hoft have claimed that the Nazi rally was orchestrated by the “deep state.”