DeSantis Hires Fan Of Nick Fuentes As Speechwriter

The Bulwark reports:

This week the writer Nate Hochman revealed himself in the very online way one might expect of a Gen Z wannabe power staffer—by updating his Twitter bio. Earlier this month, it was reported that Hochman had gone to work for the Republican Party of Florida; his updated bio indicates that he won’t be just on the comms team, but will be crafting the words that come out of the governor’s mouth.

Last year, Hochman participated in a Twitter Space with white nationalist virgin Nick Fuentes — and lavishly praised him. “We were just talking about your influence and we were saying, like, you’ve gotten a lot of kids ‘based’ and we respect that for sure,” Hochman said. “I literally said, I think Nick’s probably a better influence than Ben Shapiro on young men who might otherwise be conservative.”

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As you’ll see at the link (no paywall), Hochman agreed with Fuentes that women “should have no authority over men” and that women “just really have no business in politics.” Fuentes has openly praised Hitler and visited Trump at Mar-A-Lago alongside fellow Hitler fan boy Kanye West.