Cultist KY Gov Candidate Guilty Of Menacing Nephew

Cincinnati’s ABC affiliate reports:

Eric Deters, a candidate for Kentucky governor, pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges after police said he chased down his nephew and sent harassing messages to his sister-in-law.

In a release, the Kenton County Attorney’s Office said Deters entered guilty pleas for one count of menacing and two counts of harassing communications. Court documents claim Deters chased down his nephew at Sugar Ridge Farm in October 2022.

In one 47-second voicemail, Deters used slurs against the LGBTQ+ community to refer to his nephew and brother. He also threatened to beat the nephew up. “Uncle Eric doesn’t fucking play,” Deters said in the voicemail. “I don’t play.”

The Daily Beast reports:

The self-described “legal outlaw” is a “retired” lawyer who still runs a law firm even though Kentucky suspended his attorney’s license at least twice, and Ohio last year fined him $6,500 for giving legal advice. Despite the crystal clear order that he cease acting as an attorney, Deters has told the Kentucky Bar Association in writing, “I will always work in law,” and “No one can stop me from doing that.” Earlier this summer, he tweeted out an ad for his law firm with the disclaimer that he “manages” it but remains “retired.”

He’s also a disgraced AM talk radio host who was booted from the job in 2011 after making racist remarks on video. The 700 WLW station fired him from what it called a “weekend and substitute talk show host” role after someone posted a video of Deters saying to the camera: “I just want you to know that I understand Black culture. If you want to conquer an African nation, send white women and pot!”