Catholic Charities Sued For Faking Active Shooter

The Omaha World-Herald reports:

A Catholic Charities employee has sued the Omaha nonprofit, alleging leaders intentionally caused her to fear for her life by staging an active shooter drill without telling her and others it was fake.

Employees panicked on May 19 when they heard gunshots and saw a masked man brandishing a semiautomatic handgun at the organization’s office at 9223 Bedford Ave. At least one person lay on the ground smeared with fake blood as others ran for safety.

Executives were aware the scenario was only training but continued to play along, an Omaha police officer has said, while subordinates had no knowledge that the terrifying shooting was not real. Local authorities also were not told about the drill.

Read the full article. The organizer of the drill is set to go on trial for making terroristic threats.