Carlson Mocks GOP “Hysteria” Over His Lies [VIDEO]

“They’re all on the same side. So it’s actually not about left and right. It’s not about Republicans and Democrats. Here, you have people with shared interests. The people who, underneath it all, have everything in common are all aligned against everyone else.

“You don’t often see the Senate Majority Leader openly call for censorship on the floor of the Senate, as if that was totally normal and didn’t contradict the spirit and the letter of the First Amendment. But, of course, it does.

“But what’s really happening, or what you’re seeing, is hysteria — the overstatement, the crazed hyperbole, the red-in-the face anger. What is that? Outrage? Of course, it’s fear. It’s panic.

“One thing we learned today is that they’re all in agreement with each other. They kind of outed themselves. They sort of showed their membership cards of whatever club this is to the public.

“So keep a list. If you want to know who’s actually aligned, despite the illusion of partisanship, we found out today.” – Tucker Carlson, responding to yesterday’s near-universal condemnation by GOP Senators.