Axios: Trump Considering Vaseline Woman As VP Pick

Axios reports:

Former President Trump is strongly considering picking a female running mate — and sees Kari Lake as a model for his vice-presidential pick, according to people who discussed the topic with him. Trump is already gaming out the general election in November 2024 — and knows he has a massive weakness with the white suburban women.

But Trump friends say Lake carries a big downside: He wants no risk that his running mate could outshine him. Lake would be assumed to be angling for president from the day she entered the White House. She made a political trip to Iowa last month. And of course losing her winnable governor’s race (which she challenged) hurts her mojo.

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Lake won last week’s CPAC straw poll to be Trump’s running mate, after which her team issued the tweet below. Others mentioned in the linked Axios piece: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kristi Noem, and Nikki Haley.