Australia’s Victoria State May Outlaw Nazi Salutes After Nazis March In Melbourne Alongside Anti-Trans Haters

Australia’s News Corp outlet reports:

The Victorian government said it was open to looking at further action against the display of hate symbols after a group of protesters performed Nazi salutes outside parliament on Saturday. Clashes broke out on Saturday between rival protest groups on the steps of Victoria’s parliament after a group of men performed Nazi salutes. The men had gathered in support of British anti-transgender activist Posie Parker.

Last year, Victoria became the first jurisdiction in Australia to ban the Nazi swastika, with those who defied the ban facing jail terms and hefty fines. The legislation did not include the Nazi salute. Federal Labor MP Josh Burns called for the salute to be banned. “It makes no sense that it’s now illegal to display a Nazi symbol in Victoria, which is fundamentally a good thing, but you are allowed to do what happened yesterday which is and saluting neo-Nazi ideology,” he said.

Reuters reports:

The premier of Australia’s Victoria state condemned on Sunday Nazi salutes at a protest in the state capital Melbourne as an attempt “to scapegoat minorities” using “evil ideology”. Transgender rights protesters clashed with neo-Nazis in Melbourne on Saturday after a British anti-transgender activist sought to address supporters at the city’s parliament building, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews said the anti-transgender activists had “gathered to spread hate” in the city. “That’s what Nazis do. Their evil ideology is to scapegoat minorities – and it’s got no place here. And those who stand with them don’t, either.” Police told Reuters there were around 300 protestors in total, with around 15 “possibly belonging to right wing groups”.

My post with videos on yesterday’s Nazi rally is here. Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, is the state capital of Victoria.