Alaska Dems Seek To Reinstate LGBTQ Protections

Anchorage’s NRP affiliate reports:

An Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica investigation published last week revealed the attorney general directed the Alaska Commission for Human Rights to void equal protections for LGBTQ Alaskans in areas like housing and financing.

On Wednesday, the state’s first-ever out, queer lawmakers sponsored a bill in the Alaska House to enshrine anti-discrimination protections in law. For LGBTQ Alaskans, it’s long overdue.

Representative Jennie Armstrong, a West Anchorage Democrat who filed the bill, said it’s both a human rights issue and an economic one, for a state that is facing a deep labor shortage as people leave for opportunities Outside.

Read the full article. As noted in last week’s report, the move to void LGBTQ protections was done without public notice at the demand of a local Christian group.