Watters: Descendants Of Slavers Deserve Reparations

Media Matters has the transcript:

Yes, Black labor in the South contributed to an enormous amount of wealth for these plantation owners. Black slavery built southern railroads, ports, but not a lot of white people owned slaves in the South and it was abolished in the North like in 1804.

It was never even in the West. So yes, they contributed to building parts of America, but so did the Irish, the English, the Scotch, the Welsh, the Germans. Everybody built America.

And when you say, “Who built something?” Well, who designed it, who was the architect, who financed it? Labor’s just a part of it. So, if we’re going to have a conversation about reparations — which I’m open to it since I’m 1% Black — I might get a check. You have to talk about it accurately.

The Scotch?