Vaseline Woman Blames Election Loss On “CIA Coup”

Raw Story reports:

Failed Arizona candidate Kari Lake said it is “probably true” that a “CIA coup” took control of the United States and caused her to lose the 2022 election for governor.

During an interview billed as having a “mega-bombshell,” conspiracy theorist Pete Santilli repeatedly pushed Lake to talk about what he believed was a CIA-backed coup d’état. “I will raise a trillion dollars for any candidate, including President Trump and yourself, that says, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is a CIA coup.’ This system is so corrupt, and the courts have been corrupted.”

“What you’re saying, I’m absolutely sure, is probably true,” Lake replied. “And I haven’t looked at all the evidence, but nothing would shock me anymore.”

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Santilli appeared here yesterday when he blamed the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on God’s anger over Sam Smith’s Grammys performance.