Trump Team Workshops Nicknames For Nikki Haley

The Daily Beast reports:

Nikki Haley’s decision to become the first Republican to jump into the 2024 race against Donald Trump has finally given the Trump campaign an official foe. And even if Haley has little interest in slamming Trump—four Trump advisers told The Daily Beast they think Haley’s presidential run is more about running for vice president—Trump’s campaign appears eager to slam Haley.

“They’ll definitely have a nickname for her,” the source close to Trump said. “He had a nickname for every one of his opponents in 2016, so that tactic—while some of his tactics have proven to be ineffective or people have learned to deal with him—the naming works.” Recurring themes included depicting Haley as “disloyal,” “a flip-flopper,” a war “hawk,” and backed by Wall Street.

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