Trump On DeSantis: I Always Say Hit Your Enemy Early

Florida Politics reports:

Former President Donald Trump continues to make dissatisfaction with Ron DeSantis a centerpiece of his presidential campaign, as the two appear to be on a collision course in the 2024 GOP Primary. “I always say hit your enemy a little early. Some people say don’t. But I say do,” Trump contended Monday.

Addressing the Trump 45 Club in West Palm Beach Monday, Trump tweaked DeSantis on crowd size, comparing his event to a smaller one in New York.

“Ron DeSanctimonious had a crowd on Staten Island today. 139 people on Staten Island. We’ve got a lot of people. We’ve got 139 times 30,” Trump said, perhaps engaging in hyperbole.

Read the full article. That hotel meeting room does not hold over 4000 people. “Hyperbole.”