Trump Has Regular Gig As Mar-A-Lago’s Thursday DJ

The New York Post reports:

Donald Trump — or should we call him DJ Donnie T? — now has a regular gig spinning at his Palm Beach, Fla., club, Mar-a-Lago. A socially connected insider tells Page Six that “Trump is officially DJing every Thursday night” at the members-only club.

The source added, “Members know this, and when they invite guests they say, ‘Let’s have dinner on Thursday, because Trump DJs every Thursday,’ as an event.”

As far as his style, the insider tells us the former president is “on an iPad — usually from his table — so he eats and plays. He loves the ’80s and Broadway tunes — like ‘Phantom of the Opera’ — and Céline Dion, ‘Titanic.’”

Jezebel reports:

This report is especially amusing because it recalls a hilarious bit of Trump gossip from former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham’s 2021 book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now. Grisham wrote that the Trump White House had a designated “Music Man” on staff who would play show tunes for Trump—she also specifically mentioned “Memory” from Cats—to “keep him from flying off the handle.” Politico reported that the aide in charge of music therapy was Max Miller, Grisham’s ex.