WI Town’s Publicly-Funded Paper Runs Anti-LGBTQ Ads

Madison’s ABC affiliate reports:

The official newspaper for the City of Evansville is facing mounting criticism from members of the community after disseminating several anti-LGBTQ publications to all Evansville residents. In various ads, editorials and letters obtained by 27 News, the Evansville Review willingly published speech that accused the LGBTQ community of “grooming children” and acting in “perverted” sexual behavior.

Legal experts say because of the first amendment and the paper’s legal status as the city’s paper of record, there’s not much they can do to keep certain content from being published. The man who pays for the anti-LGBTQ ads to run is local pastor Ronald Gay. He currently lives in Evansville and presides over Grace Independent Baptist Church. Gay admits that he can see how his language can be hurtful but says that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Read the full article. Pastor Gay. The video report below notes that the newspaper is publicly funded.