The Cult Is Now Pushing Horse Paste To Treat Influenza

The Washington Post reports:

First, the group of doctors championed ivermectin as a covid panacea. It failed to live up to the hype. Now, they’re promoting the anti-parasitic to prevent and treat the flu and RSV. The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, formed in 2020 to “prevent and treat covid,” is touting ivermectin for common respiratory infections amid a dramatic drop in prescriptions for the drug as clinical trials undermined claims of its efficacy against covid.

The alliance’s co-founders Pierre Kory, a Wisconsin critical care doctor, and Paul Marik, whose medical license expired in 2022 according to Virginia licensing records, declined through the alliance’s spokesman to be interviewed. “Ivermectin has been found to have strong antiviral properties and is effective as part of a protocol that includes other medications and supplements,” Kory said in a written statement.

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