Shapiro Host: “Most Pop Music Is Satanic” [VIDEO]

Media Matters has the transcript:

MATT WALSH (HOST): The story of Satan is that he refused to worship and serve God, choosing instead to worship and serve himself. And the modern leftist has made the same choice.

Leftism is the worship of the self. It is the elevation of the self and the wants and desires of the self, especially the sexual wants and desires above everyone and everything else. Almost all modern pop music is an ode to this idea.

Pop stars are singing praises to the gospel of self worship, which is to say that most of it is satanic. Yes, there’s something that Media Matters can pull – most pop music is Satanic because it is about promoting the worship of the self.

It’s just that it’s usually not so explicit about it. But I think it’s probably better that they are explicit so that people can see all this stuff for what it really is. And respond accordingly to it.

Walsh last appeared on JMG when he called for executing any doctor who treats transgender minors.