Shapiro Host: In Vitro Fertilization “Should Be Illegal”

Media Matters has the transcript:

Kim Kardashian continues to have a bad effecton the culture because Kim Kardashian, apparently, encouraged Paris Hilton to engage in IVF. And IVF is a controversial issue, even among pro-lifers because many people who oppose abortion, who are pro-life, they will still be in favor of IVF. And one of the reasons for this is that there are many people out there who would not have their children without IVF.

And so they say, well, if this process gave me my child, whom I love so, then it has to be a good process. And no one is doubting that your child is great and that you having a child is a great thing. But good ends do not justify immoral means. Can anyone explain to me why this should not be illegal? Can anyone — I know that many people are tempted to support IVF, especially if it’s benefited you personally or a family member.

Does anybody seriously believe that this is okay, that this is morally right, that this is morally acceptable at all? Putting souls on ice, real human beings in the — your own children because you don’t like boys. Imagine if one of these boys is born and finds out, wait, my mom put me in a freezer and created 20 of my siblings because she doesn’t like boys that much. What’s that going to do to people’s minds?

Knowles recently appeared here when he claimed that the black national anthem is a literal “call to race war” and when he declared that “all demons are transgender.”