Shapiro Host: Execute Doctors Who Treat Trans Kids

Media Matters has the transcript:

Trump also says – as he goes on to say that he would direct the Department of Justice to investigate hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, doctors to find out of they’ve been involved in a cover-up of the horrific long-term side effects of gender transition drugs and surgeries. Now the answer, of course, is yes, they have been covering those things up, as any genuine and thorough investigation will clearly show.

Which is why the next step under a Trump administration, or any Republican administration should be to arrest the culprits, the hundreds and hundreds of them, if not thousands of them, and throw them in federal prison. Now, this can’t be a matter of simple fines and financial penalties – I mean, that should be part of it. But the only real recourse here, the only semblance of justice would be prison sentences, very long ones.

Now, if it were up to me, you know, we’d go further than that. As far as I’m concerned, mutilating and castrating children should be legally considered a capital crime and it should earn the prescribed penalty for such crimes. But if we can’t have that, then prison will have to suffice.

Walsh recently appeared on JMG when he declared that Disney’s black mermaid is “unscientific.”

The previous month he appeared here when he blamed the Buffalo mass shooting on pandemic lockdowns.

Early in 2022, we heard from him when he declared that lesbians will cease to exist over the next 30 years.

Before that, he appeared here when he called for banning adoption by LGBT people. And before that, he appeared here when he called for dissolving the United States.

Walsh also claims that shooting people “is not against the law.” Walsh has declared that “everybody would be happier” if arranged marriages were mandatory.