Schlapp Hires Johnny Depp’s Lawyer In Groping Suit

The Daily Beast reports:

According to court documents filed on Thursday, the legal team of conservative icon Matt Schlapp has formally denied that he committed sexual battery against a former Herschel Walker campaign staffer who has accused the CPAC chair of groping his crotch against his will—and he’s asking the court to name the accuser.

Media reports have omitted the accuser’s name at his request, citing concerns for personal and professional retaliation. But Schlapp’s legal team is requesting that the accuser be unmasked, while also pinning the accuser’s injuries on the accuser himself.

The documents, six filings in all, were submitted by Schlapp’s lead attorney Benjamin Chew, of Johnny Depp’s defamation defense team. They constitute the Schlapps’ first official response to the $9.4 million sexual battery, defamation, and conspiracy complaint that the staffer filed.

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