Santos Was Interviewed In 2017 Credit Card Scheme

CBS News reports:

In the early evening on April 17, 2017, a Chase Bank security officer in Seattle watched through an ATM’s camera as a man approached and removed a card-skimming device. Moments later, police officers pounced, arresting the man, Gustavo Ribeiro Trelha, then an Orlando, Florida, resident. The case would lead to a guilty plea and Trelha’s deportation back to his native Brazil. It also led an investigator — for reasons still not entirely clear — to George Santos, the future New York congressman.

The defendant in the case, Trelha, cooperated that evening with detectives, allowing them to search his rental car. Inside they found an empty FedEx package with a sender address in Winter Park, Florida, according to the police report. The address was one of George Santos’ former residences. It’s unclear if the address led investigators to Santos, or if he was ever a suspect in the credit card investigation, but a law enforcement source confirmed he was interviewed as part of the probe.

Read the full article. Really read it. There’s so much more, including the possibility that Santos posed as Trelha’s girlfriend.