Santos: I Wouldn’t Have Won I Hadn’t Lied [VIDEO]

New York City’s ABC affiliate reports:

Congressman George Santos said he, “would have never gotten the nomination from the Nassau County GOP” if he had not lied about his college education, but otherwise maintained he did not run “a campaign of deceit and deception,” in a Newsmax interview Thursday night.

“I would have never gotten the nomination from the Nassau County GOP if I had not concluded college. That was really the main driver, because of the way of the nature of their politics over there. It’s just plain and simple, right. So I made that bad decision,” Santos said.

“To say I deceived, and there was a campaign of deceit and deception, is just not fair. That’s just the political spin that the Nassau County GOP wants to create. As you know, New York politics, it’s pretty simple. The party bosses run the narrative and everyone follow suit and this is what’s going on at the moment,” he said.

The Daily Beast reports

Romney “thinks he’s above it all and is an almighty white horse trying to talk to us down on morality,” Santos told Greg Kelly. “The reality is he’s always had prejudice towards minorities,” continued Santos, who lied about being Jewish.

“He had it in his 2012 election and that is why he didn’t become president when he absolutely had the opportunity to become president,” he claimed. “And that’s why I was very clear when I said on Twitter, ‘You will never be president because you would never represent all Americans.’”

During the lengthy interview, Santos also reiterated his claim that he once had a brain tumor—after initially balking at the question. In addition, Santos made a point of praising Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ). According to him, while in the House chambers she had said “something to the effect of, ‘Hang in there, buddy.’”