Santos Doubles Down: My Mother Was Killed By 9/11

The Insider reports:

Rep. George Santos has doubled down on claims that his mother died due to 9/11 and dismissed immigration records showing that she was in Brazil when the attack occurred.

Santos has claimed in a new interview with OANN’s Caitlin Sinclair, published Saturday, that he never claimed his mother died on the day of the terror attack, “but that she had died as a result of [them].”

“The toxic dust that permeated throughout Manhattan and my mother being present, downtown Manhattan, that is, was what I was referencing,” Santos. “My mom died in home-hospice in 2016.” When asked about the immigration documents in the OANN interview, Santos responded that they “didn’t know where that came from.”

Read the full article. In the clip below, Santos says that the immigration records showing that his mother was in Brazil on 9/11 “remains a mystery.”