Ron DeSantis +8 Over Trump In New California Poll

Florida Politics reports:

New polling from the Golden State is looking golden for Florida’s Governor. A Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies survey shows Ron DeSantis leads a crowded field of Republican hopefuls for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. DeSantis took 37% support, 8 points ahead of former President Donald Trump. This represents a 20-point shift from August polling from the same outfit showing Trump leading DeSantis by 11 points.

DeSantis is up 34 points among Republicans identifying as conservative now, a drastic change from a 4-point Trump lead among that cohort in August. DeSantis now leads with men, 43% to 27% over Trump, reversing an 18-point Trump edge in August.  President Joe Biden would demolish either DeSantis or Trump in a hypothetical General Election. DeSantis was down 23 points in the full poll, while Trump trailed by 30 points.

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Nikki Haley got 7%, Mike Pence got 3%.