RNC Chair Claims Trump Will Support GOP Nominee

Mediaite reports:

If Donald Trump loses the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination, he will bow out gracefully and support the person that defeats him. That’s what RNC chair Ronna McDaniel seems to believe, at least. Sunday morning on CNN’s State of the Union, McDaniel tried to convince a visibly skeptical Dana Bash that the former president would pledge to support the eventual 2024 Republican nominee — whoever it is.

Such a pledge is, according to McDaniel, likely to be a requirement to participate in any RNC-sanctioned presidential debates. “So are you prepared to block the former president if he doesn’t sign?” Bash asked McDaniel. The RNC chair noted that Trump did sign the pledge in 2016, and voiced her belief that he’ll do the same this time around. “I think they’re all going to sign it, I really do,” McDaniel said.

Read the full article. Just last week Trump told commentator Hugh Hewitt that his support “would depend” on who the nominee is. So far this month Trump has implied that DeSantis is a pedophile, lied that DeSantis has been endorsed by George Soros, and said that he’s been a terrible Florida governor.