Republicans Shrug At Musk Pushing His Tweets To All

Earlier this week it was reported that Elon Musk was livid that President Biden’s Super Bowl tweet got five times the engagement that his did. Musk immediately boarded his private jet to raise hell in Twitter’s San Francisco office, where his real-life cousin ordered engineers to tweak the algorithm so that all of Musk’s tweets would get pushed to every user. Shockingly, Republicans are disinterested in Musk’s manipulation of the platform.

Press Pass reports:

I was curious to see if they might have the same concerns now that they’ve expressed in the past about Twitter’s “censorship” of conservatives. “I’m not concerned,” Cruz told me. His response proved to be typical of the group.

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley characterized Musk’s personal account boosting as “kind of silly,” adding, “I guess that’s the benefits of owning the company.”

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida offered the “it’s a private company” chestnut—notably absent from Republicans’ complaints about pre-Musk Twitter. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama was a little more blunt: “If he wants to get his word out that he owns the show, doesn’t he own it?”