Rail Officials Dodge Meeting With OH Town’s Residents

Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate reports:

The Ohio village upended by a freight train derailment and the intentional burning of some of the hazardous chemicals on board has invited affected residents to a town hall meeting Wednesday evening to discuss lingering questions.

Hours before the town hall meeting, rail operator Norfolk Southern said it will not be in attendance. In a statement at 4:38 p.m. on Wednesday, the company said it has become “increasingly concerned about the growing physical threat to our employees and members of the community around this event stemming from the increasing likelihood of the participation of outside parties.”

And there are still plenty of lingering questions about the huge plumes of smoke, the persisting odors, the reports of sick or dead animals, the potential impact on drinking water, all the cleaning up. Even as school has resumed and trains are rolling by again, things aren’t the same.

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