QAnon Former Colorado Clerk Claims Police Killed Two Family Members Of Staffers To Compel Their Testimony

The Colorado Times reports:

Former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters took her conspiracy promotion to a new level this week when she implied that law enforcement murdered two family members of her former staff members in order to compel them to testify against her.

Appearing on Joe Oltmann’s far-right podcast, Peters falsely stated that the brothers of her former deputy Belinda Knisley and staffer Sandra Brown were both killed in separate unsolved hit-and-run accidents prior to the Mesa District Attorney offering them plea deals in exchange for their testimony.

While both men died in traffic accidents, neither was a hit-and-run, and neither involved parties unknown to law enforcement. No charges are expected to be filed.

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Next month Peters goes on trial on multiple felony counts for alleged election tampering and identity theft.

Both former staffers named above have agreed to testify against Peters as part of their plea agreements.

Last August, Peters crowdfunded a failed recount in her bid to become Colorado’s secretary of state.

Despite raising $351,000 with the help of Steve Bannon, the recount still showed her losing the GOP primary by 88,000 votes.

Oltmann first appeared here in 2021 when he called for executing the 19 Republican Senators who voted to avert a government shutdown.

In November 2022 he announced a “well-armed” action to install Kari Lake as governor of Arizona.