“Prophet”: Jesus Told Me DeSantis Will Be President

“We need to watch Ron DeSantis because the lord is going to use him in powerful ways. I had several years ago a vision that I went into where I saw two palm trees.

“And I saw one of them was planted in California and one of them was planted in Florida. And I said, ‘Lord, what are these two palm trees?’

“He said, ‘This palm tree from California is Ronald Reagan. This palm tree in Florida is Ron DeSantis.’ He said, ‘Ron DeSantis is the second heavenly anointing similar to Ronald Reagan.’

“I saw Ron DeSantis as a tree of righteousness and I saw it uprooted from Florida and brought to Washington DC. And as the storms came, he was not moved.” – Self-proclaimed prophet Charlie Shamp, speaking on Jim Bakker’s slop buckets scamfest.

On his Facebook page, which has over 100,000 followers, Shamp displays a man walking away from his wheelchair, presumably due to Shamp’s faith healing.

RELATED: Jim Bakker has said God told him to urge people to buy his slop buckets to avert cannibalism during the race wars and nuclear armageddon after Democrats murder Donald Trump. Bakker has also said that God told him that “Christian leaders” will be “suddenly killed” if Trump isn’t reelected.