Potential Scottish Leader Opposes Marriage Equality

Agence France-Presse reports:

Nominations for a leader to succeed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as head of Scotland’s ruling party will close on Friday amid an uproar over a top contender’s conservative views on gay marriage. Finance Secretary Kate Forbes, a 32-year-old rising star in the SNP, caused controversy this week after revealing that she would have voted against same-sex marriage, had she been a member of the Scottish Parliament when the reform passed in 2014.

While she defended the stance as a matter of personal conscience, it puts Forbes strongly out of line with the SNP’s centre-left base, and four high-profile supporters immediately withdrew their backing. Despite mounting backlash on social media, Forbes insisted her campaign was “absolutely not over” so soon after it began. “We have a large party membership, most of whom are not on Twitter,” she told BBC radio.

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