Poll: 19M Likely To Miss Work On “Super Sick Monday”

The workplace site Human Resources reports:

A record-high 18.8 million employees are predicted to miss work on the so-called “Super Sick Monday” after the highly anticipated Super Bowl LVII on Sunday evening.

The estimates were released by The Workforce Institute based on an online of more than 1,200 employed US adults.

According to the findings, roughly one out of five or an estimated 26.6 million people are likely to miss some work on Super Bowl Monday. This includes the 18.8 million workers who have no plans of reporting to work that day and 7.8 million who plan to start work late.

The Associated Press reports:

To let students rest up after watching the big game, the Philadelphia School District — the city’s largest district — will be starting school two hours late on Monday following the Super Bowl, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Other schools in the area are doing the same, according to CBS. One superintendent said the decision to open late took into consideration what happened last time the Eagles played in the Super Bowl, stating that both students and staff were up late Sunday evening.