Politico: Trump Fears Anti-Vax Backlash From The Cult

Politico reports:

Donald Trump faces a dilemma just months into his third run for president: Two of his most important achievements from the White House have become politically complicated or just plain too hot to touch. Operation Warp Speed, the public-private partnership that developed a coronavirus vaccine in record time and which Trump once called a “miracle,” has become vilified among a group of conservatives.

And the toppling of Roe v. Wade by Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices has turned into a political Rorschach test for Republicans, with one camp seeing it as a boost at the ballot box and the other fearing it is a hindrance. Privately, Trump has expressed pride in the historic efforts to produce a vaccine. But he is also quite aware that the far-right has made vaccinations and especially mandates a toxic issue. He was personally booed for telling a crowd he had gotten a booster shot.

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