Ohio MAGA Rep Drinks Water From Rail Disaster Town

“Hello, folks. Here. Here I am. I’m in Palestine, in Ohio, here with the train derailment. Had great meetings with Norfolk Southern, had an opportunity to speak with the mayor, EPA officials. We talked about the issues that the people that the 4,800 residents are faced with here in East Palestine as it relates to water and or air quality. The air quality is fine right now. And the water, the drinking water within this municipality is safe to drink. They have a water treatment facility. They’ve tested the water. There are no issues with the public water in the city. I’m here in front of this little cafe I had pull a little water out of their tapper and I’m going to drink it.” – Rep. Troy Nehls.

Nehls last appeared here when he declared that Trump could end the Ukraine war “withing 24 hours” with a simple call to Vladimir Putin.