NYPD: Drop Mask And Show Face When Entering Stores

New York City’s CW affiliate reports:

Customers should be required to show their faces before being allowed into businesses, NYPD officials urged on Tuesday.

Removing a mask and allowing identification can be a “condition of entry,” NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey said. Businesses can then allow people to put masks back on after they’ve shown their face.

“We’re seeing far too often where people are coming up to our businesses, sometimes with masks, sometimes with masks, hoods and latex gloves, and they’re being allowed, they’re being buzzed in and allowed to enter the store and we have a robbery,” Maddrey said.

Read the full article. Not many New Yorkers are still wearing masks, my guess is probably fewer than 10% do. But the usual nutbags will still scream about this.