NM Supreme Court: Insurrectionists Can’t Hold Office

The Associated Press reports:

The New Mexico Supreme Court rejected a final appeal for reconsideration by a New Mexico politician and Donald Trump supporter who was removed and barred from elected office for his role in the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

The court on Thursday closed out an appeal initiated last year by Cowboys for Trump co-founder and former County Commissioner Couy Griffin. Justices cited missed court filing deadlines by Griffin in rejecting his appeal.

With Griffin’s banishment from elected office in September 2022, a Santa Fe-based District Court became the first to remove or bar an elected official in connection with the attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

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In August 2022, the NAACP filed an amicus brief backing Griffin’s removal. Griffin first appeared on JMG in 2020 when Trump retweeted a video in which Griffin declared, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

Griffin has said that the deaths that occurred during the riot were faked. Griffin, who refused to certify the result of New Mexico’s primary election, was sentenced to 14 days for his role on January 6th.