New Pro-Nazi Log Cabin “Ambassador” Wishes Society Would Stop “Putting Faggots On A Pedestal” [VIDEO]

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

The Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that claims to “[represent] LGBT conservatives and straight allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality,” announced its 2023 class of Outspoken Ambassadors today. Outspoken Ambassadors, the organization explained, are social media “influences” who will offer “charismatic and thoughtful perspectives at a time when so many people feel bullied into silence” by “radical gender and alphabet nonsense.”

Among those tapped to serve as an Outspoken Ambassador in 2023 is far-right commentator Isabella Riley Moody. Moody is a fan of white nationalist Nick Fuentes and his fascist America First movement. She recently hosted America First activist Dalton Clodfelter on her “Moody With Isabella” program, where she attempted to downplay Clodfelter’s virulent antisemitism by joking about it and even ended the interview by declaring “Heil Hitler.”

Read the full article. Yes, there’s more.

From the first clip below:

Hey faggot, are you being serious right now? You’re going to say that our society is a homophobic dumpster fire? Our society literally puts faggots on a pedestal and worships them as God. The rainbow flag is everywhere. We love it. It’s such B.S. to say that we’re a homophobic society. I wish we were a homophobic society, and that’s the goddamn truth!


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