Neo-Nazis Attempt To Disrupt UK Drag Story Hour

Sky News reports:

Around 30 far-right protesters clashed with similar numbers of counter-protesters outside Tate Britain over a drag queen storytelling event.

Nationalist organisation Patriotic Alternative was understood to have led a group of demonstrators against children’s author Aida H Dee reading to families at the central London art gallery on Saturday.

They came face to face with counter-protesters, led by campaign group Stand Up To Racism, gathered in support of the story-telling event. People opposed to the reading held placards bearing the slogans “No drag for kids!” and “Leave our kids alone!”

Read the full article. All three reading events were sold out and went on without disruptions. The right wing Twitter account Viral News NY finally had to back down after being shown proof that the event was organized by self-proclaimed Nazis. Note below how homocon Andy Ngo characterizes the incident.