MTG Lays Out Her Plan To Dissolve US: For Red States, Public School Prayers, Ban Everything Gay, No Dildos

Culled from a lengthy MTG tweet thread:

Why the left and right should consider a national divorce, not a civil war but a legal agreement to separate our ideological and political disagreements by states while maintaining our legal union.

Definition of irreconcilable differences: Inability to agree on most things or on important things. Tragically, I think we, the left and right, have reached irreconcilable differences.

I’ll speak for the right and say, we are absolutely disgusted and fed up with the left cramming and forcing their ways on us and our children with no respect for our religion/faith, traditional values, and economic & government policy beliefs.

With our federal government in over $34 TRILLION in debt and on the verge of default, clearly both left and right have proven that together they both aren’t responsible with hard working Americans tax dollars.

A national divorce would require a much smaller federal government with more power given to the states.

Hence, we would solve our debt and spending problems immediately. Reducing the federal government would be easy because states would completely control things like education, trade and commerce, and communications to a much larger degree and the federal government to a much smaller degree.

We would immediately alleviate the need for departments like the Department of Education. States would have full control of their public education. Education would look different all over the country.

In red states, there would be varying degrees of more traditional public education, charter schools, homeschooling, technical training, and college and universities.

Red states would likely ban all gender lies and confusing theories, Drag Queen story times, and LGBTQ indoctrinating teachers, and China’s money and influence in our education while blue states could have government controlled gender transition schools.

Red state schools would bring back prayer in school and require every student to stand for the national anthem and pledge of allegiance while blue states would likely eliminate the anthem and pledge all together and replace them with anthems and pledges to identity ideologies like the Trans flag and BLM.

Perhaps some blue states would even likely have government funded Antifa communists training schools. I mean elected Democrats already support Antifa, so why not. Red states would ban biological males from all girls/women’s sports and all girls/women’s places of privacy.

Red states would maintain the truth that there are only two genders and would require the biological identity of each person’s gender on their identification, not how the person identifies.

If you choose to identify differently you can, but if you want it on legal record you’ll need to move to a blue state in order to be legally free to lie to yourself and others about your identity.

Red states would not have to abide by climate cult lies. Red states would be completely free to build and use fossil fuel energy for their citizens. Oil, natural gas, clean coal, and nuclear power would very likely be growing strong energy sources for red states.

Red states would be free from complying to green new deal regulations, but obviously all states would still have to comply with certain environmental protective requirements.

We love freedom to consume the energy we choose but not pollution, and just to be clear carbon is not pollution. Red states would throw out all Environmental Social Governance regulations and requirements on corporations and businesses.

Companies would no longer have to meet ESG scoring measures on anything from hiring to work culture to products.

In red states companies could hire based on work related qualifications not identity and return their focus on their customers, once again going back to real customer service and treating the customer like the king.

Blue states would likely enforce ESG and require identity to mandate everything perhaps even what customers are allowed to consume based on their identity. We already saw Democrats give life saving monoclonal antibodies to people of color before white people during covid.

Of course interstate trade, travel, and state relations would continue. However in red states, they could have different rules about store product placement on national store’s shelves. In red states, I highly doubt Walmart could place sex toys next to children’s toothbrushes.

Law enforcement would likely look different in red and blue states. Red states would likely have highly supported law enforcement officers and well funded agencies. Police officers would be well trained, paid, equipped, and seen as heroes once again, not portrayed as racists thugs.

Red states would also support citizen’s right to bear arms and self defense. In red states, law abiding gun owners wouldn’t go to jail for shooting an attacker, their right to self defense and defense of property would be protected.

Crime rates would be very low. Red state citizens would be safe. Criminals would be locked away swiftly when they broke the law. Justice would be served.

In blue states, who knows. Police could be anything from unarmed social workers to doing what Democrat lawmakers have been calling for all along, abolishing the police.

And in blue states, they would immediately disarm their citizens of course because those bad guns get up and kill people by themselves all the time.

In a National Divorce, the left could achieve their dreams of total and complete lawlessness. Imagine if America decided to just go ahead and have a national divorce.

Hollywood elites and celebrities and all the brainwashed leftists women who watch the nasty women on the View, men who identify as women, and Democrat voters who suffer from the lifelong debilitating disease Trump Derangement Syndrome they caught from CNN wouldn’t have to see much less tolerate deplorables anymore.

They could live in their safe space blue states, own nothing, let their government decide and control everything, and most importantly protect their fragile minds from being shocked and insulted by those of us on the right who believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Then Americans could choose which way, left or right, provides them with the best quality of life, and we don’t have to argue with one another anymore. I am starting to feel like it’s the right thing to do for everyone.