MTG Complains That Not Enough Money Went To Rail Safety In Infrastructure Bill She Voted Against [VIDEO]

“Train derailment is happening every single day. And now, thousands of people, birds, animals, they’re all sick and we don’t know the consequences of this horrible accident in East Palestine.

“But we have people like Ilhan Omar, she wants to crack down on corporate greed when it comes to rails and the privately-owned sections of rails.

“We need to make sure that our rails are safe. Democrats passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and only $5 billion went towards rail safety. This is a failure. It would’ve never happened under a Republican-controlled infrastructure bill.

“But the real problem, Sean, is Pete Buttigieg. He’s more interested in equity and inclusion in his hiring practices, and grant-giving schemes.” – Marjorie Taylor Greene, last night on Fox News.

Greene, of course, voted against that infrastructure bill. And as you surely recall, Trump’s famous “Infrastructure Week” was promised many times, but never happened.