Megyn Kelly Melts Down Over “Woke Super Bowl”

“It was a woke Super Bowl and it was annoying. Why did we need the all female flyover, which they — Fox I mean, even on Fox, they were showing highlights. ‘It’s an all female flyover.’ Oh, okay. All right. Thank you for reminding me that women can be pilots. I didn’t know that.

“And then of course, we had to have the Black National Anthem in addition to the regular national anthem, which is totally divisive. There is no reason to have a Black National Anthem sung before the Super Bowl.

“But there’s one national anthem. It unites us all. It’s about love of country. There’s no point in dividing us by race, going into something that is already unifying as a country.

“And then we had a parade of left-wing celebrities all over the ads from Amy Schumer to Ben Affleck, who won’t even act with a Republican. He refuses to act across anybody who’s openly Republican.

“All I could think was like, they don’t get it right. Like the people who put together the entertainment, who put together the ads, they’re not even trying to like think about the other half of the country.

“They’re just pandering. They just wanna pander, pander, pander.” – Megyn Kelly, who last appeared here when she raged that Jill Biden’s doctorate is a “fake title.”