Lindell: I’m Suing McCarthy For Giving J6 Tapes To Fox

“As everybody knows Kevin McCarthy and the gang released 44,000 hours from January 6th to exclusively Fox News. Well, we’re not going to sit back and let that happen.

“Fox is going to sift through it and only put out what they want and I’m tired of them breaking our constitutional rights. We have to stand up with everything. Just because they’re doing it everywhere, everything has to be addressed. I don’t know why the media’s not going after them.

“We are, at Lindell TV, we’re going after him for the First Amendment provision freedom of the press, we’re injured by not having access and then the other thing is the Equal Protection clause, discrimination by the speaker. You don’t just give it – it’s like a cover-up.

“Why does just Fox get this? So they can cover it up even more? It’s disgusting. All of us, including War Room, we all need to see what’s on those tapes and we need to see all of them. And we need to go through them.

“We’re the press too. It doesn’t even make sense and this also goes back to my lawsuits with Dominion and others.” – Mike Lindell, today on Steve Bannon’s podcast.