Kirk Guest: Putin “Really Didn’t Start” The Ukraine War

“I think both the Russian people and the government would like to see this thing end. They’d like to negotiate an end to it. But they’re certainly not going to walk into a negotiation where they’re told, well, you have to accept guilt, quote unquote, for the war, which they really didn’t start.

“And then they’re not going to give up all the terrain that they’ve already seized, which was largely occupied by Russians. Remember, their initial demands, if you will, were pretty modest. You know, give these two republics in the far east autonomy.

“You give neutrality to Ukraine and ultimately recognize that Crimea is ours. They’re not going to fall back on those now. They’re going to demand neutrality for whatever form of a Ukrainian state exists.

“But it’s going to be significantly reduced in size in a territorial sense.” – Former Trump aide and retired Army Col. Douglas MacGregor, today on Charlie Kirk’s podcast.

Days after Trump lost the election in November 2020, he handed MacGregor a handwritten note ordering the complete withdrawal of US troops in Germany, Afghanistan, and Africa. The Pentagon did not act on the demand, citing the incoming administration.