Kimmel: “President Karen” Called My Manager [VIDEO]

The Daily Beast reports:

As Jimmy Kimmel explained during his late-night monologue on Monday, he woke up to dozens of text messages over the weekend about a report in Rolling Stone that said while Donald Trump was president he tried to pressure Disney to rein in the host’s jokes at his expense.

“In other words, President Karen demanded to speak to my manager,” Kimmel said. “And you’d think the guy who fathered Eric and Don Jr. would know how to handle jokes, but I guess not. Wow, what a fragile little snowflake,” Kimmel added.

Turning more serious, Kimmel said, “We have a First Amendment right that Americans a hell of a lot braver than Donald Trump died for and it’s especially hypocritical coming from someone who claims to be the biggliest anti-censorship defender of free speech.”

Read the full article. Watch the clip as Kimmel rattles off a couple dozen nicknames for Trump and tell us your favorite below.